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Tackle Any Goal: The Next Five Steps Strategy

You may say I am a dreamer. 

But I'm not the only one (wink, fans of "Imagine"). 

You likely have some big goals and dreams too. That's why we're in this business together. 

The Next Five Steps

A good "big goal" should straddle the line between obtainable and overwhelming. You want to be able to hit it, but it also should require growth and a stretch beyond your current capabilities. "Becoming" what you need to be to get the goal done is what makes goals powerful-not just simply accomplishing them. 

Today, I'm sharing my "Next Five Steps" strategy for goal accomplishment. I use it as a planning tool, both for goals I set for myself, and also for ideas I'm noodling around with. Knowing your next five steps can help you choose projects or get stuff done. 

The Next Five Steps is super simple and helps turn giant endeavors into bite-sized chunks. Let's look at a couple of examples. 

Putting the Next Five Steps to Work

Let's say you wanted to land five new...

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The Unstoppable Notary Entrepreneur

When I played football in high school, our coach had a slogan above the door that led to the field that said, “Go Forth With Reckless Abandon.” 

Coach explained that only one game matters-the one you're in. Will you choose to fully engage in such a way that leaves it ALL on the field for that one? And then the next? And the next, until you’re on a winning streak?

A streak gives you the momentum of a racing train, nearly unstoppable

In my blog today, I'm going to help you get on a S.T.R.E.A.K. of your own.   

Six Practices to Ignite a Winning Streak 

What I’ve learned through the years is that staying engaged with your goals and dreams with reckless abandon does NOT mean wild, careless, random, or desperate activities done with your fingers crossed, just hoping something works. 

The freedom we seek is found through discipline. Not all willy-nilly, but with intention…daily. 

That’s how you...

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Attorney Marketing For Notaries: Daily Activities to Help Estate Planning Professionals

Like with all big goals, small consistent steps make them happen. If you're goal is to work with estate planning professionals, you have to connect with more estate planning professionals. 

That's it. 

It's a pure numbers game. 

And in this fantastic interview with Jennifer Cooper from JKC Notary Courses, we talk specifically about the daily or weekly activities you could implement right now to move you forward on your goal. 

It's not that complicated. 


If you're anything like me, you're analytical brain can overthink a pebble. Sometimes a pebble is just a pebble. 

No matter which Specialty you're pursuing under the notary umbrella, there is tried and true systems for connecting to your dream clients. 

Jennifer and I discuss exactly what that looks like when marketing to estate planning professionals on this episode. 

Watch it here (PS- Don't forget to like and subscribe to Jen's YouTube channel) 

Plus, I collaborated with...

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Proving Gratitude: Three Questions to Ignite Your Notary Public Day

You can listen to this blog on YouTube here

There’s still a little piece of me that can’t believe how much being a Notary Public has changed my life.

I remember in that first year of implementing my Daily Do’s, when those $20,000-$30,000 months started stacking up, I’d wake up-no, I’d pop out of bed, each morning and pinch myself. Could this be real? Legal? Legit? Are we allowed to enjoy what we do this much, helping people,  and making more money than we ever had in our lives? 

I’ve been able to help clients in ways I never knew existed, and I was able to do so when they needed me most-their best days…and their worst. 

The evolution of my role and business as a Notary Public also brought me to you, my fellow notaries across the country. Through the years, there have been thousands of connections, inspirations, collaborations, and, my favorite, friendships. 

I am grateful. 

And further, I am surrounded by other...

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