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Tax Strategies & Preparedness for Mobile Notaries


This episode, featuring Renea Dentman, is PACKED with the ins & outs of five critical tips for tax and business planning for mobile notaries and loan signing agents. Did you know you can hire your kids and enjoy some legal tax benefits? Or that Notaries can opt to exempt their Notary Public revenue from their self-employment tax liability? Details on these and so much more on this episode of the Sign & Thrive podcast!

Guest Information:

Renea Dentman is a philanthropist and a serial entrepreneur. She is the owner of Ms Notary Consultant and California Notary Agency. Despite economic downturns, Renea has successfully run profitable businesses for the past ten years. She has used her knowledge and expertise in the business, tax, and notary industries to develop courses that teach others how to start successful Notary Businesses.

As a result, hardship pushed her to acquire a high degree of self-discipline, mental toughness, and hard work. This enabled her to complete...

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