The Reverse Mortgage Training Wrap-Up Call for 2019

Dec 19, 2019

Almost every Thursday morning, Nina Penny joins the Members of the Sign & Thrive Notary Training Course and Community for a 15-30 minute training call about Reverse Mortgages.

Nina is a loan officer with the special designation of Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional (CRMP), of which there are less than 150 throughout the country. 

I thought I would share the recording of this week's call because it is shorter than most, and it really highlights the growth of this niche market. 

It was nearly two years ago that Nina and I started creating the industry's first Certified Reverse Mortgage Signing Professional training and exam process to help notaries better prepare for these nuanced signing appointments.

The demographics for reverse mortgage are senior citizens, so it takes a special, caring heart, to handle these signings best. We love the signing agents we have attracted to the program!

On this week's call, Nina shares some exciting news about the potential of reverse mortgages, as well as some of the new products that are on their way to market. 


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