Pitfalls to Avoid When You're a Busy Loan Signing Agent

Aug 05, 2019

Hi everybody! This is Bill Soroka, founder of NotaryCoach.com and the sign and thrive, notary training course and community.

It is crazy busy right now. I'm an awesome time to be in this business, so I'm glad that you're in it with me. It feels like last month didn't even end and its rolling right through the beginning of this month. Very exciting time to be in this business. Interest rates are ridiculously low. The housing market's booming. Refinances are off the charts right now, and our phones are ringing and dinging and that's really great for our business. So if you're in this business and you're hustling, keep up that hustle. Keep up the enthusiasm, try to have some fun in your business because this is what it's all about right now.

That being said, whenever the times are really good and business is really going strong, there's two major pitfalls that we tend to fall into and I learned them the hard way. So I'd like to share them with you.

So maybe you can avoid making the same mistakes that I did when I first got into this business. I happened to come in right during a refinance boom as well. So things were really good and I really took those for granted and I didn't do these two things. So whenever those phone stopped ringing, I was without business. So this is what we want to keep in mind.

1. The first major pitfall that you want to try to avoid is, stopping your learning.

So too many of us, whenever the phone's ringing and we keep going, we forget to keep learning it. So keep up your kaizen. That's that constant continuous improvement. You want to, use every signing, as deliberate practice to continually get better. Learn from each signing and hone your craft. Really take this thing seriously.

Expand your knowledge base too. This is the time to be doing it. You're going to see all kinds of unusual situations. You might see something that sparks your curiosity. Follow that. Learn it. Schedule your learning in your day. Listen in the car. Listen, when you show up early to an appointment, never let that time go wasted forever be the student.

Whatever you decide to do, please don't wing it. You know, you, I, we, we play a critical role in these transactions and sometimes we're actually the last line of defense against mortgage and identity fraud. That's a big deal. We need you, your clients need your a-game in this business.

So invest in yourself. Invest in some training. Even if it's not with me at sign and thrive, I don't take it personally. That's okay. There's lots of great training out there now that I never had when I first started in this business. You have so many resources that will elevate you to levels I'd never dreamed of when I first got into this business. Wherever you decide to get training, just get training somewhere. We're counting on you.

2. The second thing that people tend to forget to do when the phones are ringing and ringing like crazy is we forget to continue building authentic relationships.

Sometimes when we're so busy in the phones ringing and digging in and we hit this euphoric state of holy cow, I made it. I look at all this business I've got, we kind of slow our hustle down a little bit and maybe we don't stay in touch. We don't keep ourselves top of mind with people cause it's far from our mind. We're busy out there hustling, we're fulfilling these appointments. So we don't work relationships as strong or as hard as we did when we first start this business.

But what happens when the rates creep up or the market slows down? If we've spent all of our time working in the business, facilitating signing appointments without working on the business, developing marketing strategies and building relationships to sustain us, then we're going to be up a creek without a paddle when that happens. So busy times are not an excuse to stop marketing. There is a reason to keep it up. This is the time you want to be doing that.

Use Your daily success routine to keep yourself focused on the actions that help move the needle on the, on your business. So no matter how busy you are, you are still taking massive action every single day to advance your business. So we will sustain no matter what the market's doing.

If you want to take a look at the complete list of what I call my daily do's, those were those things that I did every single day to move my business forward. I got all crazy about it. I was up at 4:00 AM, you know, really putting that into play. But I did extraordinary effort and I got extraordinary results. That's where I went from making $1,000 a month as a mobile notary loan signing agent to making over $20,000 a month and creating sustainability over years by implementing that strategy.

No matter what the market was doing, no matter what was going on in my business, I woke up, I did those things. So there's a complete list. Just follow the link there down below.

This business has the power to change your life. When we honor it and we treat it like the real business that it is. Whether it's in good times, bad times, slow times, fast times, when you remember to keep these two things implemented no matter what.

You can actually create the lifestyle you've always dreamed of. You know, this business gives you that flexible schedule. It creates unlimited income, and it's a totally legitimate business that you can be proud of. We really do make a difference.

Go and get it guys.

- Bill




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