Notary Social Media Strategy: A Question We Should Be Asking

Dec 02, 2019

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One of the most common topics I get in my mentoring sessions with notaries across the country is about social media and how to utilize it to get more customers.

Let's face it, social media is overwhelming! There are tons of considerations and things to think about.

I recommend you choose the platform that you are most comfortable with and just stick with that, for now.

I started with Facebook, then grew into LinkedIn, then Instagram, and Twitter. While I am on it, I still don't know how to use it effectively. And that's okay. Someday I may choose to learn that better, and you get that freedom too!

The reality is that Facebook is likely where most of your customers are hanging out anyway, so that may be the place to start. And Facebook owns Instagram, so they tend to play well together.

But, for most of us, having a social media platform isn't the problem. For most if us, we already have a platform we prefer. The real challenge comes in knowing what the heck we are supposed to be posting about!

In fact, this is the question that stumps notaries the most: What am I supposed to be talking about?

The answer will depend a little bit on who your ideal customer is. So, let's start there. Get real clear about who's got your money. As Grant Cardone says: 'Who is it that benefits the most when you share your message and your value?'

Lots of notaries begin their social media strategy without gaining this clarity. Instead of speaking to an audience that they can be of service to, and generate income from, they end up speaking to their fellow notaries only. It's totally okay to share information or part of your journey with other notaries, but for most of us out in the field, other notaries are not our ideal customer.

Our jobs as business owners are to make sure people who need our services can find us. This helps them, and generates income and lifestyle for us.

So, who is your ideal customer?

For loan signing agents, this might be escrow officers, loan officers, closing attorneys, title agents. For general notary work, this might be a wider audience - and that is why I LOVE social media strategy for General Notary Work. This may include people in estate planning stages, or buying and selling cars, or adopting children - the options are literally endless!

Now that you know WHO you are speaking to you, now the question becomes, what are you supposed to talk about?

First, let's talk about what NOT to say and do on social media:

No politics. No religion. Unless you are prepared to accept the consequences of doing so.

And, most importantly - don't sell yourself in every single post. It's okay to sprinkle in a few ads, but most people are not on social media looking to be advertised to.

Instead, find creative ways to bring value and share your passionate journey. One of the cool perks about this business as a mobile notary and loan signing agent is that just by doing our work each and every day, we are presented with the exact people and opportunities we need to build an interesting, and profitable social media campaign and strategy.

Consider sharing upcoming law changes in ID requirements for your state, or maybe some of the misconceptions about what a notary does. We meet incredible people in our every day work so you can share human interest stories. Share the hundred mile trip you made. Share the amazing breakfast joint you found. Tell us about the World War II Veteran that you helped to buy his retirement home!

People love to hear how much you love what you do, and how good you might be at doing it. And guess what? People work with who they know, like, and trust. With the right social media strategy, you can give your ideal customers the chance to really get to know, like, and trust you!

That's how you take your mobile notary and loan signing business to the next level. So the question we should all really be asking ourselves as we go through our days being of service to our community is this:


And, to give you a head start on this, we created 52 topics you can use for social media or blog posts! It is yours to download at the link below. That will give you a new topic every single week for an entire year.

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