Not Ready to Spend Money on a Notary Website? No Worries, here are a few AWESOME alternatives!

May 22, 2018

Hey, I know how it is when you're starting up a new business. Money is tight! And, you don't want to, or can't, spend unnecessary dollars.

Some of you are just trying to see if this thing will work out before you lay down some cash for a website. I get it. And, you set yourself up for failure by waiting too long. It's a viscious cycle because if you wont' build a website until you know this business is real,  then your customers can't find you, so your business fails, so you don't build a website...

At some point, you'll have to have a website. Even though you don't have to have a professional website from day one, you will need a digital presence, like a Facebook page.  Just some way a customer can find you online. 

Here are three alternatives to paying for a professional website:

For all three options, you will need a domain name, or web address for your business. These can be easily purchased through any domain registrar, like Go Daddy.

1. Utilize a free website company, like Wix.  They offer limited free websites with templates. They are easy to set up, and free. There are some downsides, so do your research.

2. Point your domain to your Facebook Business Page, which you can set up for free. See video below for a screencast video of exactly how to do this.

3. Point your domain to your LinkedIn Profile. You can set those up for free, as well. Your domain can only point to one or the other, not both. 

This video will walk you through how to do this.



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