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Aug 26, 2019

Hey there!

It's End of Month (EOM) and I know you guys are busy - I'm crazy busy too and I love it.

You know one of the things I love about this business is the diversity that it brings. There are so many ways to be of service so many people to meet - so many ways to generate revenue. And right now, one of the more popular ways, of course, is the loan signing side of the business.

This is probably one of the best markets I've ever seen for loan signing agents. I know many of us are out there taking advantage of this right now, and really out there hustling this last week of the month.

Still, with that said, I'm still a major proponent of general notary work, which is basically just all the other work that the notary does outside the loan signings.

You know when having that level of diversity - another income stream, in general notary work, is going to help you create sustainability in your business. It buffers you against any type of economic movement.

Now in many states these maximum notary fees have been increasing. And when you couple that with the mileage and convenience fees that you're allowed to charge, many of these general notary work appointments rival or even exceed a loan signing appointment!

You know oftentimes, there's multiple signatures , there's multiple notarizations, there's unusual timeframes,  the convenience factor, and even the distance factor with the mileage back and forth.

And some of these general notary work appointments can go anywhere from$100-$400 dollars )or more), and sometimes a lot of the times a little bit less than that too. 

General notary work has been around for thousands of years and it's going to continue to be around because anytime people are buying stuff, selling stuff, being born, dying, or getting ill - they're going to need a notary.

And there's all kinds of different things in between that. The challenge with general notary work is that literally any human being in the world can create a document and then just require a notarization on it. So it's really difficult to prepare!

When you look at the state notary laws and even the standards of practice - there's a lot of gray area. In fact a lot of times, even on critical issues, state laws regarding notary practice are completely silent. That's where it really helps to have an industry expert that will act as a beacon of light that can show you the way through some of the murkiness that is notary law and notary practice.

One of those experts that's really become a beacon of light to the notary community, and definitely to me, is Laura Biewer. Laura's a 16 year veteran that owns her own mobile notary and loan signing business. She's built her practice on general notary work because after 2008 she realized there were some vulnerabilities there.

Laura really boosted her expertise on things like living trusts and all the other appointments that come with general notary work. Now, Laura is also a certified trainer with the National notary association. She's the founder of where she provides training and support for notaries across the country.

Plus, she's one of the co-hosts on Tuesday Notary Titans where many of you have gotten to know her. You can see her commitment to being of service to the community. She's 100 percent transparent, shares information, she geeks out on this stuff, and does a lot of research to bring the best answer forward.

Over the last several months I've been honored to collaborate with Laura on several online trainings via Zoom. Some of those specific trainings that we did were the living trust, the last will and testament, the powers of attorney, medical directives, and then the adoption process as well. And guys, there's a lot more to come!

Laura has so much information in her head! We're already planning out the future trainings here and I'm real excited now. Some of those trainings have been 100 percent free. Some of them have cost all the way up to $70 dollars to attend the live zoom training and then we would make those trainings available for seven days after the fact so you could review it, take notes, and prepare.

We have received some really amazing feedback from you guys. We really appreciate that, but what you told us - you said Bill and Laura - "we need 24/7 access to training like this because we need refreshers when we get those appointments! The training's great but we've got to be able to revisit it!"

Laura and I put our heads together and we came up with a solution that's really going to offer notaries just like you the most comprehensive training library in the industry.

Check Out the Laura Biewer Presents Replay Library Now

There's nothing else like it. Now this replay training library is going to contain those specific trainings that I just mentioned - the powers of attorney, living trusts, the medical directive, the power of attorney, the last will and testament, and the adoption process. Basically everything that Laura and I have collaborated on over the last year is included in this library - plus - all the future trainings that Laura and I collaborate on. We're going to add to that library so it's going to continue to grow.

It's the library gift that keeps on giving! There'll be tons of content in there. It's going to literally be like having a notary expert in your pocket 24 hours a day seven days a week.

We're calling it "Laura Biewer Presents" replay library.

For a one time fee, you get lifetime access. Plus you're going to get all the future trainings that Laura and Notary Coach collaborate on in the future. We've already got a couple more scheduled for the end of this year and there's going to be a lot more after that.

This business as a mobile notary and loan signing agent really is the perfect vehicle to build your dream lifestyle.

Both Laura and I have done it! I continue to share that this is a lot more than just knowing how to stamp, sign, and date a piece of paper. There is a lifestyle here when you have the confidence because you've been trained well enough to get out there in the world and be of service. Your whole life changes with this business.

Let Laura Biewer be that beacon of light that you need. If you're interested in being a part of the Laura Biewer Presents replay library - just click the links below.

Thank you so much. I'm wishing you the best month ever. Have a great day.


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