Next Level Notary- Principle #4 Increase Revenue and Income Streams

Oct 12, 2018

The secret to building wealth is increasing your income, maybe in baby steps at first, and then leaps and bounds later on. That’s the key to every major wealth development in history. It doesn’t come as a major windfall, like the lottery, or a corporate buy-out, for most of us. We have to work for it. Chances are, you are already on the path to increase your income by even starting your notary business. You probably already have a job, and your signing income will be your next stream of revenue. Congratulations, you’re on the way!

From there, you MUST be willing to hustle for new clients and you MUST be willing to work to build and maintain relationships with them once they become your client (or even before that). Remember, you’re only one relationship away from your dream business!

As a mobile notary and signing agent, you have unlimited options for increasing income. Personally, that’s one of the main reasons I love this business! If you are truly committed to your goal, and want to avoid returning to a corporate job, or you want to build an empire so you can make a difference in the world, you will have to do what it takes to increase your revenue.

If you are looking for direct escrow signings, get more clients.  Easier said then done, I know, but if you don'thave all the clients you want or can handle right now, focus on growing your networking skills. Join a course or networking group!

If you just want to be an independent contractor for existing signing companies, apply and register with more signing companies (there are dozens, if not hundreds of them). Check out the expansive list of over 800 signing companies on

For me, I started out in this business by just jumping in with direct escrow. I had no idea what I was doing, but it worked. I networked, I sent emails, I asked for referrals, and I quickly grew the business. That was my first revenue stream.

Then, after a few years, I signed up with a couple signing companies that specialized in refinance closings. Those were an additional revenue stream.

I’ve since added coaching, training, and a soon-to-be book, as additional income streams. That’s not for everyone, of course. There are many other routes to take to increase your income through multiple streams of revenue.  I’ve invested in joint ventures, joined MLM’s, and have inventions and smartphone apps in the works.

Choose ventures, or streams of revenue that are symbiotic, or parallel to your notary business. You don’t want to distract or divide attention and energy. You want the revenue streams to work together.

Here are some other ideas for additional revenue streams for your mobile notary and signing business:

  • Wedding Officiant
  • LegalShield Representative
  • Uber/Lyft Driver
  • Uber Eats Driver
  • Process Server
  • Multi-Level-Marketing Opportunities (Be Selective)
  • Legal Document Preparer
  • Para-Legal
  • Vehicle wrap advertiser
  • Apostille Services
  • Non-Loan Notary Services (Wills, Titles, Etc.)
  • Insurance Inspector
  • Fingerprinting
  • Insurance Sales
  • Real Estate Agent/Broker
  • Become a full signing company with independent contractors of your own

Keep in mind that you may very well get to a point in your signing business that you don’t have time for much else. That’s why it may serve you to be thinking about the potential of passive income from these additional revenue streams. That means they’ll continue generating income, even without you physically being present and doing the work.

The key element to consider is whether or not your additional revenue streams enhance your business, or take away from your business. There is ALWAYS an energy cost to you, so bear that in mind as you grow your empire.

Making It All Work

Maybe you can see the opportunity here, but you don't quite know how to make all of this work together. "So what if I sell candles and I am a loan signing agent? How would people know anyway?"

This is where your commitment to building relationships will pay off. 

Having multiple streams of revenue is NOT about cross-selling or promoting yourself and other service during a notary appointment. I want to make that VERY clear. Self-promotion and tacky, classless, sales and recruitment will not get you anywhere except out of business.

Instead, use every interaction you have with a human being, including your notary/signing appointments, as ways to build authentic relationships with people. 

Authentic means genuine connection and caring. Nobody wants to be seen as a dollar sign, and if you come across that way, there aren't many businesses that are going to work out for you, especially a business like this, that is driven primarily by relationships. 

Instead, create a system that allows you to stay in touch with your people. Show you care by sending thank you cards, holiday cards, or congratulations cards. If you don't want to send cards or letters, send an email or text. Whatever is a natural way of communicating, that will generate response from your people, is okay. 

There is an art to this. It's not about promoting goods and services...yet. First, you build the relationship. Then, you can share your opportunity, product, or service.

Stay tuned for more on adding value and building relationships.

In the meantime, just remember that the fortune is in the follow up.  Most people struggle in new businesses because they don't think they have enough people to talk to abou their business. As a mobile notary and loan signing agent, you are thrust into new people every, single, day. 

That's how you can leverage this business to be everything you have ever wanted it to be!

What are some of your SideHustles? How else do you make money as a mobile notary and loan signing agent? Please share in the comments below the YouTube Video Found Here!



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