Free Training for Notaries: How to Get Estate Planning Appointments That Pay as Much (Or More) Than Loan Signings

Jul 26, 2023

Recently, I teamed up again with Laura Biewer and Jennifer Netizel to deliver the free webinar training, The Next Big Boom For Notaries: Living Trust Presentations. 

We had over 300 notaries on the live training, and hundreds more have watched the replay. 

You can watch it here

We created this free training, along with the new certification program, because the three of us LOVE presenting trust documents (for lots of reasons). But we also fully recognize that the market has shifted and notaries are hungry for a new opportunity. 

What if notaries could build a revenue stream that didn't rely on the housing market or interest rate levels? 

What if there was a way for notaries to make money that didn't depend on market trends and cycles? 

Well, it's with estate planning documents, and in particular, living trust presentations! 

We call the role a "Trust Delivery Agent" and it's very similar to the work notaries already do in their role as "signing agents." 

Here's what's cool about being a trust delivery agent right now:

  • Millions of potential customers
  • Hired by the general public AND/OR by estate planning professionals
  • Paid on the spot (usually)
  • Briefly describe documents-no explaining or creating documents (just like loan signings)
  • Provide stellar customer service and build rapport
  • Deliver more than just documents and notarization. You get to deliver peace of mind to families that are ensuring and protecting their legacy!

I love these appointments because the energy and atmosphere of the appointments is usually light and fun. Most people have been "shoulding" all over themselves for years, knowing they needed to get their affairs in order, and then here you are, the knight in shining armor, delivering the final piece of the puzzle. 

It's fun, easy, and it pays exceptionally well. 

Working with estate planning attorneys that value the role you play as an extension of their brand, you can earn anywhere between $100-$250 (or more) per appointment for a full trust delivery. 

Watch that replay and then check out the comprehensive certification program we created to prepare you for those next level relationships with estate planning professionals.

Watch replay here

I think this is not only going to blow your mind and restore hope for the future of your notary business, but it's going to give you the skills and direct path to revenue you have been craving. 

Cheers to the future!


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