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Bill Soroka's 2023 Mid-Year Reading List

Aug 06, 2023

I love to read. Until this year, I've focused mainly on personal and business development books, almost entirely non-fiction. I don't read one book at a time, and I don't read to adopt 100% of the author's opinions, strategies, or ideas. 

Just one. 

If I can extract just one thing from a book I read, it's worth it. 

Sometimes it really is just one thing. And other times, I end up underlining or highlighting an entire book. That's the real treasure hunt: finding the right author, the right idea, at the right time. Some of these books have been sitting on my shelf for years, and then one day they seem to call out, "it's time to read me now." 

And just as there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come, there's nothing that can silence a book whose ready to be read. 

The following is a list of those books that were ready to be read this year. 

Don't be overhwelmed. You don't have to read like me. Read like you. But read. These books are filled with perspective, and just one idea can make you rich, bring you joy, or at the very least, create less friction or frustration in your business or in your life. For me, I can almost hear an actual click in my head when I stumble across that one concept I was there to read. Find your click. 

Happy hunting!

Books I've read (so far) in 2023

  • 10X is Easier Than 2X by Dan Sullivan and Benjamin Hardy (Most recommended)
  • Jitters by Judi Lawrence
  • The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes
  • Becoming a Person of Influence by John C. Maxwell
  • Happy-Go-Lucky by David Sedaris (loved these personal essays- his best work yet)
  • Failing Forward by John C. Maxwell
  • Greatness by David L. Cook (a $100 book I'm still up in the air about)
  • What's In It For Them by Joe Polish (a close second place recommendation)
  • Blue Collar Gold by Mark Stoner (Looking at investments)
  • Mind Your Mindset by Michael Hyatt & Megan Hyatt-Miller
  • Break Out of Boredom by Robbie Samuels (If you're running Zoom meetings, you need this book)
  • Go For Stupid by Steve D. Sims (Enjoyed this way more than I thought I would)
  • Beyond Loan Signings by Laura Biewer and me! (Sure, I wrote it, but I had to read it like 100 times, so I am counting it!) 
  • 75 Hard by Andy Frisella (Not a recommendation but worth checking out the 75Hard challenge)
  • Winning With People by John C. Maxwell
  • The 16 Undeniable Laws of Communication by John C. Maxwell
  • Blue-Collar Cash by Ken Rusk (for investing)
  • $100M Offers by Alex Hermozi (I think I like this guy, and the book is gold)

And I read TWO fiction books as well. I've resisted fiction (aside from the classics-Les Miserable is my favorite book of all time), but my life and business coach suggested I give my brain a break every now and again. It was hard for me to embrace this practice, but since my pulmonary embolism last year, I'm clear on a new pace of life, so I tried it, with intention this time, and I am loving it. 

The first two fiction books I've read this year are written by Richard Osman:

  • The Thursday Murder Club
  • The Bullet That Missed (a Thursday Murder Club mystery)

The best way to describe them simply is, delightful. I've come to know the characters and I've even cast the actors I see as a best fit for the motion picture in my mind. My brain has enjoyed the respite. 

I've just started the Echo of Old Books by Barbara Davis, and I'm enthralled by page five. 

Treat yourself to a good book, and even more, the time to read it, everyday. You won't regret it. You'll grow with it. Sometimes kicking, screaming, and eye rolling, but growing nonetheless. 






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