How to Get Good Mojo Going For Your Notary Appointments

Jul 29, 2019

Hi everybody!  This is Bill Soroka with and the Sign & Thrive training course and community.

Today we get to talk about how to create good mojo for your loan signing appointments.  We're going to talk about what mojo is and why that's important - and why am I even talking about it.

Mojo has all kinds of different definitions.  What we're talking about here is the good energy that attracts the kind of people, opportunities, and the circumstances that you want in your life. 

You know those types of people that you meet, those you want to be around - it just seems like there's something exciting, something happening with them they exude. They're experiencing joy in life and it makes you want to be around them. That's the type of opportunity that we want to create for our loan signing appointments.

Why is that important? You never know who's sitting across the table from you in this business. In a heavily relationship-based business, you're always just one connection away from having your dream client. Maybe that dream client is actually the person sitting across from you right now, maybe it's their friend or their cousin, their former boss or their current boss - whoever it might be. There are opportunities everywhere and you're not going to know it until you experience it.  It's not necessarily in the paperwork - it's not just a conversation that you're going to have, so how you show up is so important!

This is why it's so important to show up as a professional, 100% presence in the moment, and with a system for how you get things done during the signing. It's something that you can recreate over and over - its duplicatable - you want to make sure that regardless of the fee that you're being paid for the service, that you deliver the same exceptional service whether you're getting paid $300 for the signing or $50.00 for the signing, because you never know who you're sitting across the table from.

Every single notary appointment is an opportunity for something greater and when you really embrace that, and honor that, that's when your business can really start to explode.

I'll give you a real quick example as this has happened several times in my business. One example that I share quite often is that once with one of my favorite clients, I negotiated a rate of just $75 for a refinance loan signing appointment. That is a huge lowball. I don't recommend it, but that was one of those decisions I made five years ago – one of those business decisions I made. They have enough volume where it really kept me busy - but it wasn't necessarily sustainable. When you're doing that many signing appointments and you know you're getting paid $150 to $200 for some and then $75 dollars for others - you really have to stay present and conscious about your level of service, so you don't feel resentful about that.

There's one particular appointment I had to drive about an hour and 15 minutes to the arrive at the $75 refinance appointment.  When I got there, I bent down to pet the dog and the dog set a trap for me and tried to bite! The client called for my own safety and I made a joke about it. We ended up laughing through the entire signing appointment. I just did my thing - I showed up, I didn't let that biting dog distract me too much. She and her husband and I just really hit it off. At the end of the signing she said “Hey by the way, I am the manager of such-and-such title company and I love the way you do signings. Will you come sign with us - will you meet with me next week?”

That one little $75 appointment turned into an over $100,000 a year client and one of the closest friends that I have. Not only did I land a huge client to create sustainability in my business, but I created a lifelong friendship as well. I love both of these!

That's why having good mojo in these appointments can make all the difference for you. That's the type of energy that people get attracted to.  How can you create this level of mojo in your notary appointments?

I have four options here for you - four steps - four characteristics if you will.

  1. First before every loan signing appointment forget the past -forget the future - forget all the stress, the traffic that you fought to get to that appointment on time, the fact that you don't have documents yet for the next signing after this one. Let all of that go - check it at the front door. Don't bring that into the appointment with you. To help with that I recommend some breathing exercises. 

Take 10 deep breaths before each signing - whether that's sitting in your car before you ring the doorbell or while you're standing at the front door, or as you're walking up to the front door - whatever works for you. Take 10 deep breaths - in and out – inhale - exhale - and get really present in the moment.

Then, while you're doing that, I recommend that you choose three words that represent how you want to show up to this appointment. How do you want to be remembered? What is the impact you want to leave with these customers? You might choose words like ‘present’ ‘caring’ ‘engaged’. You might choose ‘detail-oriented’, ‘fun’, whatever words have meaning. Choose those words and then as you're taking those deep breaths, focus on those three words about how you want to show up.  That's going to help bring you into the moment and create that mojo.

  1. The second way that you can create the mojo is to shine a light on who you are with. In that moment, make this appointment about them! One of the biggest mistakes that new signing agents make when they're at their signing appointments is, they give 80% of their attention to the paperwork and only 20% of their attention to the customer! They come in and they're all business. They're professional, but making eye contact. They're so stressed about the paperwork and the mistakes that they might possibly make or the missed signatures or whatever it might be - that they forget that there's a human being across the table that is having the shared experience.

Flip that ratio - make this 80% about the customer.  Look at them - engage - have thoughtful conversation while you're shuffling papers and pens for signing - be engaged and they are engaged! Your signings go a lot faster and a lot smoother and more efficient, and the experience for the signer is completely different. That will make you memorable in this business. You know there's a way you can do this where you can just focus on the paper - point and sign, point and sign. That's an ordinary signing agent. If you really want to thrive in this business, you've got to find a way to be extraordinary. With this level of attention on your customers as opposed to the paperwork, this is the way to set yourself apart and be extraordinary. 

  1. The third way that you can create this mojo is having an extreme amount of reverence or respect for your clients. Understand what it is that they're going for – what they’re signing for. Respect their time. Respect their dreams. Respect their feelings. You know we get to meet people sometimes on the best day of their lives, and sometimes on the worst day of their lives. If we understand that moment - be there IN it with the client. Be there with proper boundaries - of course we don't want to get too extreme on either way - we want to have appropriate feelings - if it's an exciting time, or if it's a sad time. If we can be there with them and sometimes if all else fails, we're just there listening - that can make all the difference. Sometimes in these mortgage processes or whatever other processes they're going through - we're the first person that they're actually having contact with about it, and maybe feeling heard.  That can change everything!

  2. The fourth characteristic for developing mojo is enthusiasm and joy! Love what you do! Respect and honor the role that you play in whatever process of this - whatever this appointment is for. We don't have to bounce up and down and be a clown for them - this isn't a side show. That's not the level of enthusiasm I'm necessarily talking about. You can still be enthusiastic about the part that you play in this, and how everything fits together - how you're progressing them towards whatever end goal that they're looking to achieve! Whether it's the refinance or the purchase, maybe it's the power of attorney for their grandfather. Whatever it is - you are playing a critical role in that. You can still be enthusiastic and honor the feelings or the reverence for the moment as well.

The point is that when the signers enjoy their signing experience with you, that means they are enjoying the signing experience with the person that hired you, and if you make your clients look good - you are going to get more business. That's just the bottom line. You never know who's sitting across the table from you. You might even get a new client just from that one appointment!

All right guys - go out and get it!!

Bill Soroka
Founder of and the Sign & Thrive Notary Training Course and Community



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