All Of Your Skills and Work Experience Will Help Grow Your Mobile Notary and Loan Signing Business

Uncategorized Oct 03, 2019

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Hi everybody. This is Bill Soroka, founder of and the Sign And Thrive Notary Course and Community.

I just got off the phone with a really awesome new student in Sign And Thrive it was actually a mentor call. I offer these mentor calls for free. So if you're interested, you can always just check and schedule them at in the upper right hand corner there is "Book a Call with Bill"

So this particular person was a teacher - just decided to quit teaching and move into the mobile notary and loan signing business and had a lot of fear around having the right skill sets to do this work. She was afraid that she didn't know anything about being a mobile notary and loan signing agent. So there was all this "I don't know what to do" and "there's too much to learn."

So we really just kind of boiled it down. Then we got the chance to really talk about it because - did you know that all of your skills and work experience will help you grow your mobile notary and loan signing business?

She was really surprised by this as well because when, especially when, I told her that I love hiring teachers in this work! If you can teach it, you can do anything - and you can handle yourself in all kinds of unusual situations.

So all the skill sets that help you be a teacher and so much more really translate well into this business. In fact, in applying the knowledge from your past job or business experiences to this mobile notary and loan signing endeavor is critical to your success. You don't have to check your past experience is at the door!

In fact, you want to bring those in with you. This business is about way more than just sign and date stamp, a document. In fact, the most successful among us are way better with some of the softer skills like communication, empathy, leadership, advertising, marketing, copywriting all of those types of skills as opposed to being really good at legalese and guidelines, or knowing the law inside and out. Now, don't get me wrong, knowing the law is important too. That's part of the integrity in your business.

You have to know what you can do, what you can't do. In fact, integrity is one of those four pillars of success that I often talk about. Remember those? You have Competency, you have Confidence, Integrity, and then likability. Now the chances are that you've had a job or some business history prior to becoming a mobile notary and loan signing agent.

Many of those skills, in fact, almost all of them are going to translate well into this business as well. I'm reading a book right now called "Range" by David Epstein. And it was funny, the timing on this was perfect - because in here he says, 'great rewards will accrue to those who can take conceptual knowledge from one problem or domain and apply it to an entirely new one.' So what that means to me is if you're good in one particular area and you've learned a skillset that applies to one industry and you take that skillset and you apply it to this business as a mobile notary and loan signing agent, you can thrive. I can actually personally attest to this too. If you know my story at all, you know, it's no secret that I've had lots of other businesses in the past.

In fact - 26 different business ventures. All of them have flopped or failed in one degree or another. In each one of those though, I learned something new about marketing operations, interpersonal communication, copywriting, leadership, management, and whatever. I've learned it! Plus - in addition to that, because when you have businesses that are tanking, you've got to work and provide money, I've had a half a dozen or a dozen or two dozen, maybe three dozen jobs mixed in there too. And I learned a lot from each one of those as well.

Number one is that I don't like working for other people. So all of these experiences have really culminated into helping me be the best right here and right now. So I don't regret any of those experiences in the past. In fact, I'm grateful for each one of those experiences because it helped me become who I need to be right now - to succeed and thrive as a mobile notary and loan signing agent and as a coach and as a teacher.

So I embrace all of that. When I stopped separating my past experiences from this new mobile notary and loan signing business, that's when I started blending all of that stuff. I was learning all those modern business practices, content marketing, email marketing, top of mind strategies. When I started implementing that on this business, that's when things really started getting interesting.

You combine that practical business experience and that knowledge with consistent action through a daily success routine. That's when I was able to really 20 X my revenue. Not only did my revenue increase - seriously guys from like making $1,000 a month to making $20,000 a month, but also my relationships deepened. My joy increased. I loved what I did. My confidence soared off the roof because I was doing what I told myself I would do every single day.

And if you want a reminder on what those "Daily Do's" or that Morning Mastery routine - I put it into place - If you're watching the replay, it's just right up here. You can click to download the free checklist or I'll put the link down below for you as well.

The point is you don't have to start this business from scratch. You don't have to check your past experiences at the door. Sure, we're going to have some new experiences and skillsets that you have to learn, but we all have something that we're good at and that we've been good at in your previous business or job experiences. Bring those skills to your mobile notary and loan signing business. They all matter here. In fact, highlighting those skills is what's going to help you get your first clients and your first appointments. Those skills are going to help you maintain those relationships. That's part of your authentic being.

Your business is your masterpiece. It's a working expression of who you are and what you know and where you're going and the impact that you wish to make on the world. It's important that you own that.

Alright guys, this is Bill Soroka, founder of If you have any questions that you'd like me to address in any of these videos, please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] or of course, schedule a free mentor call with me at - in the upper right hand corner it says, "Book a Call with Bill."

Thanks guys, and I'll catch you later.

 - Bill
Creator, Sign & Thrive Notary Training Course and Community
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