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How I Earned $3K Per Month Renting Cars on Turo

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Turo is like AirBnB, but for cars. I know it drives Turo crazy to describe this way, but it seems to paint the picture better than their own website’s “Find Your Drive: Explore the World’s Largest Car Sharing Marketplace.” 

On Turo, car owners list their vehicles for rent so approved and semi-vetted drivers, like you and me, can rent them on a legit, consumer-protected platform. 

I was introduced to Turo over ten years ago as a solution to renting a car without a credit card. You can prepay for your rentals with a debit card, and without deposits, so that problem was solved for me. 

As my mobile Notary and loan signing business gained steam, Turo also helped me when I was in a jam with an automobile. Whether a flat tire, a breakdown, or even during a break-up, renting a car on Turo was so easy I could have a car at my doorstep in as less as an hour (yep, some owners...

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How to Start a Fingerprinting Business in ANY State


Are you ready to learn how to start a fingerprinting business AND start making money at it? Daniel Jurkowitsch is the CEO of and current Nassau County Detective, and he shares unfiltered possibilities about being a fingerprint technician in ANY state. Fingerprinting services are in extra high demand right now, and no matter what state you are in, there are two clear pathways to build a side hustle OR an empire. The choice is yours on this episode of the Sign & Thrive Podcast for Notaries.

Guest Information:

Daniel Jurkowitsch is currently a Nassau county detective in New York, as well as the CEO of

Start your fingerprinting business by completing a 30-second survey here 

Episode Highlights:

39:23 Laser FOCUS is my mantra.

41:44 You need three things: the equipment, the knowledge and the eyeballs.

50:01 Word of mouth is still the best marketing strategy, which means customer service is...

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