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How the Kardashians Can Help Your Notary Business

As per usual, NBB members gathered on Monday evening, this time to celebrate Notary Public Day together. 

Instead of the usual Orientation and Sorting Ceremony we usually do, esteemed faculty member, Jen Neitzel, led a discussion she calls Pit & Peak, aptly named after an exercise the Kardashians do on their show. 

Jen originally started this when her kids were young and in school, and she called it, Best & Worst. You know those family dinners where you sit around and ask, “how was your day, dear?” and the only answer you get is, “fine.”

Jen and her husband, Tommy, decided they would do things differently. They asked their kids, “What was the best part of your day…and what was your worst?” 

That ignited conversation that moved beyond just, “fine” to true authentic sharing. 

We got to do that on the NBB call too, and it was fascinating to listen to, as well as participate in. 

The question?


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Make Your Own Spirit Halloween Notary Meme

I'm not much for fads. It's not always a conscious decision, but it seems that I come into them either before their fads, or (more likely) after their fads.

Still, I think the Spirit Halloween Meme could be an opportunity to have some fun, even self-deprecating fun, to help spread the word about your notary business. 

Below, is the Michael Myers sized stab I took at my own meme. And then after that, I included the original image that everyone else is using to create their memes. 

I used Canva to create this. Simply download the original image I provided. Upload it into Canva. If you have the premium version of Canva, use the background remover feature to "clean" your image. Add a textbox for what is included in the costume package. Then add a text box for what is sold separately.

Have fun with this! 

You could  add branding, phone numbers, etc, but I've found that it takes away from the fun and authenticity. Try doing it just because. See what...

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