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Blazing New Trails with Cannabis

Picture it: Las Vegas 2022, the National Notary Association's annual conference, a group of notaries sitting around a casino bar dreaming of ways to bring more value to their communities. 

With the various “creative juices” one can find in a bar, we were brainstorming even more specialty work that a notary could focus on to not only help more people, but create more revenue for their business that was not reliant on the mortgage industry. 

One of the notaries sparked up the topic of marijuana, and that’s where things went crazy. Some of the notary cohorts in that bar conversation were already serving the cannabis industry by notarizing compliance documents on a regular basis. 

And, doing what I tend to do, I bought a domain or two. 

Right there, that minute, I bought, just in case there might be a bigger opportunity for notaries here. 

Fast forward through two years of research, and there is a big opportunity in cannabis for...

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