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Are You "Quiet-Quitting" On Your Own Notary Business?

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I looked up “Quiet Quitting” to find out what, exactly, it means. Several websites later, I’m still not sure. News outlets, bloggers, and influencers, seem to use it how they want and make it mean what they need.  It looks like a cross between those employees looking to establish a better work-life balance and those who just simply don’t want to work in their position anymore. 

The essence of quiet quitting is to do the bare minimum within the job description, so you’re not working too hard and have time to enjoy life, or work on your own thing. 

I can maybe get behind that in many cases. Why burn yourself out building someone else’s dream? Conserve some energy for hobbies, family, and yes, even building your own dream, right? 

But, I am also a huge proponent of taking 100% responsibility for your life and your results. If you’re not happy there, make a plan to leave. If your...

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Janae's Notary Story


This week I interview Janae, who went from a career in education, guidance counseling, and stay-at-home mom to creating a successful Notary business. I urge you to listen in on how she embraced her entrepreneur spirit and overcame challenges to build the career of her dreams.

Check out Janae's all new Florida Academy of Notaries for state-specific training and resources at the link below:

Florida Academy of Notaries

Episode Highlights:

5:57 One of the biggest mistakes I mad on my journey was dragging my feet. I recognized the opportunity but I was trying to do too many different things.

28:41 If you can teach people in your state to be a better notary, to really honor this role that we play as the last line of defense against mortgage and identity theft, then you have a very valuable gift for other notaries in your state.

40:49 I bet you already know the exact person that you need to make your business, whatever you want it to be.

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