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Real Talk About Remote Online Notarization


We've all heard about RON-Remote Online Notarization. Join me with my guest this week, Amy Seitz, a fellow Notary who saw an opportunity to build a business (and a RON platform) as a virtual Notary. She shares the good, the bad, and the strategy she used to create a successful online business as a Notary Public. If you're wondering if RON is right for you, don't miss this episode!

Guest Information:

Amy Seitz is the Creator/founder, and CEO of, an online Notarization platform that helps Notaries build their RON business.

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Episode Highlights:

4:43 Despite some challenges, Amy Seitz paints the picture of opportunity for those that are exploring Remote Online Notarization. Is RON in your future?

20:47 Building your Remote Online Notary business is similar to building your in-person Notary business: Through digital presence and relationships.

59:05 This work matters! Tune-in to Amy's compelling "why" she works so hard to be...

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