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The Top of Mind Method: Thirteen Opportunities to Create Lifetime Customers


As customers flow into our Notary business, we're faced with many different ways to represent our brand and demonstrate our expertise. These opportunities, when optimized, help deepify relationships, clearing the path for something that can last beyond one single transaction. Because, if your customer needed a Notary once, they'll need one again. Or, at the very least, they'll know someone who does. Through years of experience, Bill has built the framework for the Top of Mind Method, and the 13 Opportunities you have to connect deeper and provide even more value to your ideal customers.

Episode Highlights:

3:22 The challenge is that when things are going good and your phone is ringing off the hook, it's real easy to push aside all the fundamental business practices that help businesses succeed in the long run.

6:49 Results don't lie. They can be harsh sometimes, but they're true.

12:42 The top of mind method is basically 13 opportunities we have from the first time we...

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