Your Next Level Notary Business Deserves a Next Level Notary Journal

Meet the Notary eJournal, by Jurat Inc. 


You can even digitally capture a thumbprint!

Which, makes this electronic journal attractive even to California notaries. 

The Notary eJournal is the first digital notary journal on the market to support the capture of digital thumbprints via bluetooth thumbprint capturing devices.

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Notary Coach & Jurat, Inc. Presents...

The Notary e-Journal: A Demo & Conversation with the Founder

Hosted by Bill Soroka & Laura Biewer, with Jurat Inc Founder, Nick Colvill


Watch Tutorials Here

Watch the Notary eJournal in action. See how easy it is to add an entry, add a signer, or even add a different document or notarial act. Click the image to the right.