The Death of a Notary

It's not pleasant thinking about our own demise. But taking one small step to inform your heirs of their responsibilities in the event of your death as a Notary Public is your final act of integrity. 


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One Last Act...


As I recovered from a pulmonary embolism that should have killed me, I wondered,

What happens when a Notary dies?

As it is with so much in our industry, it's state specific...sometimes (if the statutes address it at all).

But many states do address the responsibilities of a Notary's heirs or representatives in the event of their death or incapacitation. 

And where the state's don't specifically say something, the Model Notary Act and the Notary Public Code of Professional Liability step in to provide guidance and best practices. Sharing this information with your loved ones so they can properly protect your legacy is your one last act of integrity. 

 *Special thanks to the NNA for their assistance

List of State Requirements When a Notary Dies

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