How to Create & Deliver an AMAZING Wedding Ceremony

A Special Training For Notaries

So, you want to be a wedding officiant? Mark Alan Groleau has the system to help ensure you can deliver a ceremony that your couples will always remember.  Notary Coach invited Mark to share his 10 Part Wedding Ceremony  outline.

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This special training from Unboring!Officiant helps notaries get the plan and the skills they need to build a business as a wedding officiant in nearly any state. 

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • The Incredible 5-Step Ceremony-Creation Method
  • 10 Part Wedding Ceremony
  • His 3-step Story-Writing Technique
  • How He Makes nearly $700 Per Wedding
  • How Officiating Weddings Can Be The Perfect Side-Hustle For Notaries
  • The best practices he uses in his business
  • TONS More!

The Unboring!Officiant Course

In Mark's highly rated course, you'll dive deeper into the 10-Step Wedding Ceremony, email templates, scripts, and more! Check out the special offer he has for the Notary Coach audience.

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