R.O.N. Summit 2019

Our guest speaker in this conversation is a California-based mobile notary and loan signing agent that is passionate about his business, the people he serves, and his notary colleagues.

Matt Miller

Matt Miller is a passionate Notary Activist from the Bay Area and is fighting for notaries all over California. In addition to his advocacy, Matt is a busy Mobile Notary and Signing Agent, a California Registered Tax Preparer and a Certified Fingerprint Roller. Matt began his advocacy in early 2018 fighting against AB 2368, The Online Notary Act of 2018. His efforts were successful in defeating AB 2368, but now he needs your help. The stakeholders behind RON have reintroduced their bill and they intend to eliminate the need for the Mobile Notary. Come join him in the discussion about RON, including what it means for notaries and the public at large.


Learn More About "Oppose AB 199"

If you'd like to dive deeper into the California Assembly Bill 199, the California Online Notary Act of 2019, click the link below. Matt can also be reached via email: [email protected]


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